Bringing global to the village

Our vision of the digital revolution is to make online business and social media interactions accessible to anyone that has a need to grow their business on new platforms: bringing global solutions to your village. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, that’s your job. We are ingeniously helping you do what you do better by being an integral part of your sales force from a creative perspective. We do this by pulling all aspects of your marketing in the same direction to elevate your brand. As a full-service studio, digital is our focus, nevertheless we go analogue too – nothing beats boots on the ground to make things happen. 

It’s what we do

The Tailor Shop

So you need a package, a wonderful product filled with just the right thing at just the right price. From Barbados to Amsterdam, our fancy pants marketing guru will guide you. At BrownSugar, though, we know that for small businesses accessing the wonderful world of the interweb doesn’t always work with the digital equivalent of a flatpack. For you we have a variety of services which you can tailor to fit your passion.

Social Media

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know you need this stuff, it’s how the world operates now. You’ve probably tried to do it yourself, realised how time consuming it is, and given up or more likely just got too damn busy doing the thing that you love to do. It’s okay, whilst BrownSugar isn’t quite plugged into the matrix, our hive collective is, this is what we love. The sole reason for our existence is to help you reach the people you want, on the platforms they call home. We create the content you need, working with social media influencers and community websites to put you out there. We need you to know, we don’t buy followers, period. It’s nice to have a pretty number in your follower’s column, but unless those feet are coming through your door it’s like lip-gloss on a pig. Useless. We build your base of organic followers by ensuring you have the right aesthetics for your market, building and planning your content to communicate with the audience we have defined. It’s about community management, telling your story to people who want to listen. 


Marketing is just like Social media – you know you need it, but you don’t always have time for it. This is where the fancy pants marketing guy comes in. He will help you to evaluate, define and maintain your corporate branding. He will come up with something new or grow what you already have. Just like there are no two snowflakes alike, every business is different. We will work with what is best for your brand within your budget to create a promotional strategy across multiple platforms. 

Web Development

The world of online is a little daunting. Google searches intimidate you and IT guys with their techno talk are almost from another planet. But your website is a major part of your business development – you need it. Nowadays, people don’t take you seriously unless they can find you on the Web. BrownSugar will help you with web layouts & social media set up. You don’t need to break the bank; using WordPress and our green server farm we can design, develop and deploy your mark on the web.

Graphics & Artwork

Content takes time. We can work with what you have, or we can make the pretty pictures happen. The BrownSugar hoomans are well versed in all things DTP, original vector graphics and corporate branding. If you are looking for the perfect photo, from lifestyle shots to product images, we have you covered. 


So, you want to have an event? It is a great way to get noticed, but it’s a lot more than just sending out the invite. BrownSugar will provide Pre-& Post event editorial support, find the perfect advertising avenue, from social media influencers to full blown media. Need sponsors for your event? We got you covered. Events are all about the details, here we get it right with our secret weapon – she will provide you with project management oversight for catering & F&B, venues & branding décor. 

Printing Solutions

Because sometimes life is more than digital, we have a team of trusted suppliers that we work with to provide you with tangible content. From business cards & corporate stationery, menus & packaging to funky things with die cuts, we have the solution to it all. We can even get your car wrapped, turning it into a mobile message for your brand.