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Artists in Residence​

aka the Secret Sauce

Our global hivemind makes the bigger picture fit your smaller scale. While we work with a team of permalancers to meet your project requirements. We have four key members:

Jade Bechara

Jade Bechara, Creative and Business Developer at BSS, also known as the Grand Poohbah. 

Jade will be your first point of contact, she manages the team and coordinates projects with clients. She loves, loves, loves After Effects and Motion Graphics is her creative outlet. 

Jade has worked with Boutique through to Corporate, and as a small business owner herself, she cares how you spend your money, her ultimate satisfactions is watching you generate sales for your business. 

Badir Bechara

The other founding member of BrownSugar Solutions. Badir is a serious D E S I G N E R. 

While its true that multi media designers are skilled at attracting attention to the artwork, Badir takes it to the next level, he has a magic skill when it comes to layouts and logos. 

He is the lead creative on all print work and is fanatical about the strategic placement of  images and text to make sure your brand has a consistent visual message across all platforms.

Jade Holing

Jade Holing (AKA: The Imagician / Pixel Junkie) also referred to as Boy Jade around the office,  is a creative making his bread butter and jam from photography, primarily commercial as well as being a Photoshop wizard.

High End Retouching capabilities sees him being able to take his imagery to another level, and also service other photographers from around the world.
His experience spans over 25yrs, and has a keen understanding of visual aesthetic.
Jade is based in Rosebank, JHB, but loves flying around too when location shoots are required. 

While Team Awesome, is well, Awesome. Our projects are diverse in scope and location, so there is always room for super skilled artisans. They work with Jade and the rest of the team to ensure each project is to the highest standard.

You don’t just get to be an Artist in Residence, you need to have mad skills, and the ability to work as part of a larger team. All of our permalancers work hard at what they do. 

Meet some of our core professionals:

Lebo Serapelwane​

As a Freelancer serving a national client base, Lebogang is currently located in Johannesburg, but we don’t hold that against him.

He has a reputation for being strategically led and results-driven. His Public Relations career began in 2014 and he has worked as a Communications Specialist, Celebrity Publicist, Media Officer for a political party, worked with both consumer and trade clients across the country, then recently worked in Doha, Qatar, the Middle East as a PR Manager. He is currently one of the brilliant faces behind the ESPN Africa Superbowl PR team.

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